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    The meaningful life can result only from the experience of love and this implies commitment and dedication to another.

    We are each gifted with an enormous but unique potential. However, in our rendezvous with destiny, we have to take chances, run risks, get rejected and be hurt, be knock down and get back up on our feet.

    The only real failure is the one from which we learn nothing.

    Goodfinders are those who look for and find what is good in themselves, in others, and in all situations of life.

    Love person, use things! This is the truth that will set us free.

  • "Anda belum hidup sukses hari ini kecuali telah melakukan sesuatu bagi seseorang yang takkan pernah dapat membalas budi Anda." (John Bunyan)

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Komunikasi adalah kata yang indah. Semua orang mengharapkan terampil dalam hal itu, serupa harapan mer01awca9gohjfaaaaabaaaaaaaaaaa_1eka tentang cinta dan perdamaian. Komunikasi adalah garis hidup cinta. Makna dasariahnya merujuk pada tindakan berbagi. Kebahagiaan hanya nyata dalam berbagi bersama orang lain. Hal ini mengandaikan adanya dua atau lebih orang yang memiliki sesuatu yang sudah menjadi kebiasaan bersama karena telah saling dibagikan. Pada umumnya komunikasi dipahami sebagai kegiatan saling berbagi di antara para pelakunya. Dalam komunikasi yang berlanjut, engkau menjadi lebih tahu tentang aku dan demikian pula aku tentang engkau. Kita memiliki satu hal yang telah menjadi biasa: diri kita. Baca lebih lanjut


The Powell Principles

[1] Promote a clash of ideas

Encourage a noisy system: This effort has to far beyond the confines of the traditional “suggestion box”. An organization’s leader must use every means to reach out, encouraging a diversity of opinion and what Powell calls a “clash of ideas”.

Look for great ideas … wherever they come from: Encourage communication from every direction, and never let rank or hierarchy get in the way. Smoke out the opinions of those closest to the front lines. Invite “outsiders” into the discussion.

Speed communication through technology: Harness the power of the new technologies in order to ensure that everyone is included. Invest the necessary resources, and create the psychological climate in which information flowing freely over networks is seen as a resource, rather than a threat.

“I want to hear all the rough edges of all arguments. I don’t want to concur things to death and coordinate things to death so I get a round pebble instead of a stone that has edges on it. I want to hear from you.” Baca lebih lanjut